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Watch and Record What Visitors do on your Website

Find out what is holding your visitors back from converting – Watchcool every click, mouse movements, button clicks and a lot more. Fix issues or optimize for great results.

Check for problems that are hard to find otherwise!
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Visually Observe What Your Users See
Stop Guessing

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Quality Record & Replay Sessions

Check out recordings of your users’ or visitors’ actions throughout your website in real-time.

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All Device Dynamic Heatmaps

Aggregated data of clicks on areas of your site users are clicking the most. Are they clicking on important buttons?

Actionable Live User Journeys

Watch each step from when your visitors show up at the website to the completion of their session.

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Analyze Website & User Behavior

Qualitative Insights: See Why Your Visitors are Not converting

Let sessionsnap easily detect your key opportunities and problems. Never ignore an error, a problem, or an advantage.

Improve your conversion rate

Find out areas visitors engage with most often, such as the page elements stopping them from converting.

Easily detect challenges, pain points, and bugs

Examine sessions with flaws, u-turns, and rage clicks to ensure that you can correct them quickly. Improve your site performance.

See user behavior

Our heatmaps display where visitors click on, navigate, and move on your site’s pages. Get superior results.

Discover Problems Before They Cost You Money

Find out the issues with your website

Don’t let friction and flaws destroy your user experience. Assess which journeys, difficulties, and errors have a damaging effect on conversion.

Enjoy the following feature: 

  • Higher revenue recovery
  • Behaviour Analysis to identify and share critical user issues
  • Uncover and rate performance and UX issues
  • Prioritize and address critical site challenges.
Don’t rely totally on support tickets. Use SessionSnap to monitor users facing issues in real time, get details on problems and focus on solutions.
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Dynamic Heatmaps

Visual Representation of Data

Discover key site components like the menu, content on the site, footers, CTA, pictures and headers and how users engage with them in real time.

Improve your pages and journeys

Find simple ways to improve the user experience and generate upgrades to make a difference.

Visualize User Journey in Real Time

Monitor users on your website. Determine where users encounter problems and where there is room for improvement.

Insights for New Ideas

SessionSnap discovers ways to improve the user experience, assisting you to recognize new ideas.

See Scroll and Click Heatmaps

See your visitors’ mouse movements to figure out what they‘re concentrating on and which sections of your site they’re browsing.

Access the following features:

  • Find out how your visitors engage with your site
  • Identify where your users have lost interest.
  • Track your user behavior throughout a wide variety of devices
  • Get insight into how different devices impact your user’s behaviour.

Get helpful insight into the manners in which your site’s layout and design impact user experience, actions and conversions.

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